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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Who are our main customers? 
    • Buyers and Procurement professionals, Engineers and Designers, Makers and Creators, NPI support personnel, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors. We’re looking to serve people from all industries, from Medical, Laboratory, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Technology, Government and beyond.


  • How much do your services cost?
    • We will provide you with a free quote in which labor and materials are written out for your review. 


  • What is required for me to get a quote?
    • Feel free to send us an idea- from off the back of a napkin to full CAD drawings we can provide you a quote.  The more detailed drawings, the more accurate the quote.


  • What is the minimum production run required?
    • We can help you round out a design, create a prototype, or fabricate a full production line, there is no minimum because we charge for time and materials.


  • How long have you been doing this?
    • Bayview Plastic Solutions has been in business since 2007, founder Martin Hernandez and his top 3 staff members have been producing (fabricating, machining, vacuum forming) plastic parts for over 100 combined years of experience.


  • What is the best way to contact you (Bayview Plastic Solutions)?


  • What types of services do you provide?
    • Here’s just a sample of the services we provide for our customers: 2D and 3D design assistance, custom manufacturing, plastic fabrication (assembly/bending/solvent bonding), CNC machining and routing, laser cutting and engraving, thermoforming (vaccum forming/drape forming), and finishing services (polishing/deburring/part marking/packaging).


  • What plastics do you have experience in creating into products?
    • We have completed projects using most plastics that are available, and if there is by chance a type that we have not worked with to date we are more than willing to research and possibly produce prototypes.


  • Do you work with other materials?
    • Yes, we also work with wood, metals, and even simple electronics such as LED lights.
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